International Folk Days of Sarvar In 2014 34th time

János Kondor | Director of the Nádasdy castle Culture Centre and Library


More than three decades ago young local culture experts, folk musicians and dancers dared to have a big dream. It was their endurance and enthusiasm, which created the basics of a now famous and acknowledged festival. They were already at the beginning thinking of an international festival and brought ?Europe? to a Central-European small town and its surroundings. At a time before the transition to democracy they were not thinking of going to Europe but rather created the idea of a multihued Europe in West-Hungary. The audiences, open for honest friendships and connections, were offered unforgettable productions and European culture. Familiarising with folk and civic traditions of the other, meeting different cultures and customs and personal relations promised the Festival a bright future and made all linger for the ever-popular International Folklore Festival with great expectations.
The location, i.e. the Nádasdy-castle ? a part of our national heritage ? turned the annual meetings into something unique. The connection of the local inhabitants to the festival is also very unique: favourites here turned or turn to stars, in the positive sense of the word, friends and sometimes to members of a family.

The Festival in Sárvár is bolstered by a continuous revival, there is no time for bore, self-repetition or exclusion. Our Festival is characterised by special atmospheres, exciting and unforgettable meetings, hot rhythms, fascinating music and dance. The encounter of audiences, organisers and guests are defined by love relationships, long expected meetings, goodbyes with tears in all eyes and repeated invitations.
These three decades are not only ideal for celebration, retrospection and giving accounts, but also for being optimistic when it comes to looking into the future.
Girls and boys, the show must go on!

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