„A true story…” – a memorable gala at the ending of the festival

No one will forget the 32nd International Folklore Days especially those who enjoyed the celebration in the castle on the 20th of August. Not only the repertoire was brilliant, but the harmony of the participants and an unusual proposal added an extra to the whole festival experience. The festival started off

The beginnings of the International Folklore Festival in the town of Sárvár

At that time – early 1980 – we, the Regös group, already had an established repertoire. We played folk music learned from Feri Sebők (from his book ‘Szól a Síp’) from groups we accompanied, i.e. Ungaresca, the Ádám Béri Balogh group from Körmend, the Néptánckör from Sárvár, from famous coreopgraphers,