NFN – External locations


Just like during the previous seasons, the Festival won’t only take place in the Nádasdy Castle. As always, in 2012 the audience also will be able to meet with the participant dance groups in Sárvár at the Kossuth square (Main square) and int’s expected to be seen representational dance performances by different nations in Restaurant Tinódi.

Selected performances of the festival will be able to be seen in other towns and villages:

17 th August 7PM Répcelak, Culture Centre: Bulgaria,
17 th August 7:30PM Zalalövő, Culture Centre: Albania, Greece, Serbia
18 th August 7PM Bük, Culture Centre: UK, Albania, Slovakia
18 th August 7PM Vasvár, Culture Centre. Bulgaria
18 th August 6PM Zalaszentgrót, Main square: Slovakia, Cyprus,
19 th August 10PM Körmend, Batthyány-Castle: Serbia, Greece
20 th August 10AM Gencsapáti, Catholic Church: Folklore Mess with the group of Slovakia 

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